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Steubing LLC is located in Bastrop, Texas. We provide land services to Bastrop, Williamson, Lee, Fayette, Burleson, and Caldwell Counties. We work with title companies, individual home owners, mortgage lenders, home builders, architects, engineers, and commercial building professionals. We aim to provide our clients peace of mind and the highest quality of service in a land survey.

  • Boundary Surveys - A survey that indicates the formal boundaries of a property which largely focuses on defining the corners of a parcel of land. 

  • As-Built Surveys - The measurement of the inside and outside of a building with very accurate lasers, then creating a drawing that shows the exact dimensions and layout of the building. 

  • Title Surveys (Commercial & Residential) - A survey of real property performed by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor to be used by a title insuring agency for purposes of insuring title to said real property. Title surveys are typically required for real estate transactions. Title surveys typically include a boundary, improvements, easements, and conforms to strict requirements of a particular land title insuring agency. 

  • ALTA Surveys - Survey made for Lenders or Title Companies and contains the data needed to issue a title or mortgage insurance. The specifics shown on these surveys include boundary lines, rights-of-way, location of the main building and improvements, location of ancillary buildings, any easements that have been identified such as access rights from telephone, gas, other utility companies, and from railroads.

  • Elevation Certificates - A document that lists a building's location, the lowest point of elevation, flood zone, and other characteristics, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It is used to enforce local building ordinances and to help determine flood insurance rates.

  • Topographic Surveys - A survey showing the elevations and contours of the land described in the deed. These surveys will also provide information on any structures on the land, both man-made and natural. This is especially useful for those who intend to develop the land since it gives detailed information on where different features are located.

  • Tree Location Surveys - A survey conducted to physically locate trees, their type and size on a parcel of land and is mainly used to help in the design of projects to preserve certain trees that may enhance the appearance of the final product or to determine how many trees will be affected by the development of a certain project

  • Form Surveys - A drawing used to illustrate the location of the form boards in relation to the property lines, building lines, and easements. The forms themselves are used to pour concrete to form the slab foundation. 

  • Subdividing/Amending Plats - Survey performed to subdivide a piece of property into smaller plats, or combine smaller tracts into larger pieces of property.  Often required by city of county in order to secure permits.  

  • PLAT Preparation - When subdividing land, the county in which the property is located will require detailed maps and notes for creating plats. We can put together and file all paperwork required for your plat. 

  • Fence Line Staking - Helpful anytime you need a visual marker of your property boundaries.

  • Field Notes - A complete record of all of the measurements made during the survey and that they include, where necessary, sketches and narrations to clarify the notes.

  • Easement Dedication - Easements are often created by dedication. Dedication gives the public the right of passage, but it does not burden the municipality with maintenance unless the municipality accepts the dedication.

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